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Meet Dani

<- this is Dani.

I capitalize my Nouns.

I love anything apple – apple sauce, pink lady apples and my iPhone.

I live in Germany – I’m German (no Hitler is not alive anymore, no I don’t have beer for breakfast and yes I do have issues with “th” )

My daughters Mia and Emily are Americans. Wait, how did that happen?

This is where my GI Joe gone corporate husbands enters the stage. Everyone – Mike, Mike – Everyone. Which reminds me.

I love music  by Elvis Presley.

I brush my teeth after breakfast, not before.

If my food doesn’t look pretty I won’t eat it.

I belong to the Digital Bohème.

I have a degree in Googleing and Psychology.

My yoga pants have not seen a minute of Yoga in their stretchy life.

I can talk myself into anything.

I turned my passion for designing into a business.

I’m a side sleeper.

I’m a Master NLP Practitioner.

I have wear many hats – and I love it, why wear the same ole hat when you can choose from a variety of pretty hats?

Welcome to my hat rack. Welcome to camolove.com!