Carepackage Ideas

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“Surviving the Sandstorms”- Eye wash; Nasal spray; Chapstick;
Bandana; goggles/sun glasses; etc

“Laundry Load”- Laundry soap (`sample size’ or Tide tablets kind) to pack  in with their clothes in case there are no washer/dryers; Fabric softener  sheets; clean socks and undershirts; Febreeze

“Lotta Java”- Tea; Cocoa; Coffee singles; creamer; sugar; International Coffee tins; cookies for dunking in coffee

“Thanks a Million!”- Things that may “seem” expensive. Ex: Grey Poupon; electronic game of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”; .

“Hang in There!”- Stuffed animal monkey; Banana bread; Banana chips; Banana  pudding (the kind that doesn’t have to be refrigerated);Monkey’s in a  Barrel game; card with a monkey on it.

“A Day at the Beach! “- sunscreen; beach towel; beach snacks; flip flop sandals (shower shoes); aloe vera gel;

“Medicine Cabinet”- aspirin; band-aids; Neosporin cream; A&D ointment; cold medicine; alka seltzer; Rolaids; etc.

“Staying Healthy”- nutrition/health bars (ex: Powerbar; Tigers Milk;  Myoplex); vitamins; Nutri-grain bars; Gatorade or other sports drink(to  stay hydrated);

“MRE/Mess Hall Survival Kit”- restaurant size condiment packs of: bbq  sauce, mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish, salt. Pepper, taco sauce, ranch,  cheese in a can dip, etc

“Correspondence Carton”- notebook paper; stationery; pens; pencils;  stickers (who knows they may even play with these!!); envelopes, address  book (filled out already of course); camera (with a note to send back once  it is full);

“Action Hero’s”- Powerbars; squirt guns; Red Bull drinks; small Army  figurines; comic books; Gatorade; Red Bull drinks; etc

“To Be A Kid Again”- silly string; bubbles; small bouncy balls; hacky  sacks; brain teaser toys (rubix cube, etc); deck of cards; dominoes;  slinky, Frisbee’s; Pez w/ dispenser; Nerf balls; sand box toys (pail, small  shovel, etc);

“Bathroom in a Box”- TOILET PAPER!!! (the soft stuff); razor refills; foot  powder; bars of soap; fresh, clean, soft washcloth; travel size  shampoo/conditioner; toothpaste; toothbrush; etc

“Ruck Sack Snack Pack”- packed full of your loved one’s favorite  snacks, possibilities endless. Doritos; M&M’s; nuts; chips; dips; crackers;  jelly beans; beef jerky; gum; etc.

“Breakfast on the GO”- nutrigrain bars; instant oatmeal cups; small boxes  of cereal; pop tarts; Hostess donuts: Otis Spunk Meyer muffins; cocoa;  coffee; Tang;

“Tube O Tasties”- Just as something different, send a package in a tube  instead of a square box. Make sure the parameters are acceptable though.
“Stress Reliever”- back scratcher; bubble wrap; yo-yo’s; bubbles; squeezy  tension ball;

“Sloppy Kisses”- since we know chocolate melts over there, send a bunch of  Hershey’s kisses. Bound to be “sloppy kisses!”

“I’m Nuts About You”- peanuts; cashews; pistachios; peanut butter cookies;  any candy or cookies with nuts in them; Nutter Butter’s; Peanut Lover’s  Chex mix; Fiddle Faddle with peanuts

“Rock On” or “Charlie ROCK”- pop rocks; music cd’s

“Chili Today, Hot Tamale”- hot tamales (candy); small cans of chili; red  pepper flakes (like the ones at pizza parlors); salsa sunflower seeds;  Cajun flavor Pringles; Spicy chex mix; Boston red hots; peppered beef  jerky; taco bell hot sauce packets; Extreme Doritos; chili powder; nacho  cheese sauce in a can; Tums/Rolaids ,Jalapeno Ritz;

“And this little piggy went to the sandbox”- (foot care kit)- foot powder;  Dr, Scholl’s boot inserts; foot lotion; foot file; fresh, clean socks; toe  nail clippers; scrub brush; odor eater balls for shoes/boots; foot soaks  (either include a small bucket or large Ziploc bags to soak feet it)

“How do you eat your OREOS??!! “- regular Oreos; peanut butter Oreos;  double stuff Oreos; low fat Oreos; chocolate filled Oreos; chocolate  covered Oreos; holiday Oreos

“Muchas Gracias Nachos Supreme”- Doritos &/or Fritos &/or any corn tortilla  chips; Mexican Velveeta; salsa (wrapped in bubble wrap); small can of  olives (don’t forget the can opener); bean dip; nacho cheese dip; small can  of green chilies; jar of jalapenos (wrapped in bubble wrap); taco  seasoning; small paper plates or bowls (so they can make their nachos);  taco sauce (especially easy are those condiment packets from Taco Bell);  You could also send the sauces from the various Mexican dinner kits (they
also have tortilla’s in those dinner kits that are sealed so they would
probably get there without molding or drying out); Taco Bell Nacho Supreme kit

“Sweet Tooth”- Nerds; Gummy Bears; Laffy Taffy; Bubble Gum; Tootsie Rolls; Lolli pops; (any candy that won’t melt)

“Pamper Party” (for females)- Feminine hygiene products; shampoo/conditioner; hair barrettes and scrunchies (same color as their
hair); facial scrub &/or soap; facial mask; lotion; shower gel; razors;
facial moisturizer; tweezers; nail care kit; toner; special facial products (alpha hydroxy; eye cream; etc);

“Congrats on your promotion”- congratulation party favors; all your loved ones favorites snacks; sparkled cider (wrapped in bubble wrap of course);

“For the Fisherman”- Goldfish crackers; tuna pouches; canned smoked salmon; cans of sardines; gummy worms; Go Fish card game; Field & Stream magazine;
electronic fishing rod game; Sponge Bob Square Pants stuffed toy; fishing
game toy (made by several different toy companies. Has a small fishing pole
with a magnet on the end. Fish have magnets on their mouths);

“Say CHEEEESE!”- disposable cameras; cheese dip; Doritos; Cheetos; Cheese nips; Better Cheddars; Velveeta;

“Kick Back & Relax”- Dominoes; playing cards; magazines; books; music cd’s; crossword puzzles; jigsaw puzzles; word searches; hand held electronic
games; squirt guns; water balloons; bubbles; hacky sacks; Nerf balls; board games (Axis & Allies, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, etc);

“Christmas in July”- wrap everything in Christmas wrapping paper; peppermint flavored hard candies;

“Italian Stallion”- Italian cheese Ghardetto’s; Pizza-licious Pringles; Pepperoni pizza Combo’s; small Boboli pizza bread; pizza sauce
(for dipping Boboli); canned Ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna, etc;

“American Classics”- Pez with dispensers; Cracker Jacks; Lifesavers; Necco Wafers; Pop Rocks; Nerds; Good & Plenty; Candy Necklaces; Candy cigarettes

“Deployed on Thanksgiving”- canned turkey; instant mashed potato cups; hard breadsticks; gravy in a jar (wrapped in bubble wrap); Hostess apple pies;
small can of corn (or other veggie); something special to cheer them up on Thanksgiving (pictures from home; magazines; tape recorded tape; small scrapbook; etc)