Advent Calendar

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The advent calendar is one of the oldest Christmas traditions in my family. There has ALWAYS been one since I can remember. It used to be filled with tiny chocolates and some years refilled with mom’s creative candy whiz.

Today, anything and everything is possible. You can get creative and make one or you can buy various kinds of countdowns to Christmas. I got my hubby this beer advent calendar, a 0.33l beer bottle for the next 24 days, who’s hubby wouldn’t love that?!:

The tea lover could get this one (photo by kojodesigns):

I do love the idea of match box advent calendars, they remind of the old crafting days in kindergarten this one is from just a girl:

You could dump out all the matches in another pretty jar and have it next to you candles, there are plenty of those this time of year.

And how about something magnetic for the fridge like Grosgrain made:

And of course there is the garland version as well, this one has mittens…LOVE it:

So what is your syle? Bought or homemade? Filled with candy, beer, or poems? We love to hear what’s in store for you and yours this advent.

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