Craft Room Ideas – How to set up for success

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I love a clean work space, the perfect desk has my computer, keyboard and mouse on it. The reality is that as I am writing there are piles of stuff collecting left and right of my screen. We are currently rearranging our studio to be a playroom and office/craft area. I guess because we are not moving this year for the first time in half a decade, we still got “itchy” and needed to move within our house…

Crafting supplies are notoriously clutter material, all different shapes, sizes and materials will make it challenging to keep an organized look and feel. I browsed the net for some inspiration and here is what I came across:

The crafting closet from InMyOwnStyle is brilliant. I love it because when I am done making a mess, I close the closet and that is that…awesome!

The craft supply drawer from Awesome, because I can go to IKEA right now and get it.

Glass jars from Megan. Glass is the most eco friendly material, 100% recyclable and not made from fossil resources. And you get to see what you have stored away in which location.

Also, take a look at these shelves. I think it’s the LACK shelves from IKEA, which I we already own and could re-purpose :)

So it looks like a trip to IKEA is inevitable 😉

What does your craft area look like? What has worked for you?



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