Simple Play-Doh Baby Footprint

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They grow up so quickly, they really do – as mom of 2 little kids time just flies by – and though my first daughter was born what seems like yesterday, I am planning her 3rd birthday party right now…wow. So creating lasting memories is a way to capture the moment…and freeze it forever. If you want to go beyond photographs, imprints of little baby feet and hands are the way to go.

Last weekend we tried a 3D imprint kit that had us make a mold of baby’s hand or foot first and then you poor in the mass that will actually be the foot. We tried, and we failed, those kits are not made for little kids – have you ever tried holding a bay’s or toddler’s extremity still for more than 5 seconds?

While cleaning up crumbs of my oldest play-doh which get rock hard if you leave them out for let’s say a day, I had an epiphany – play-doh imprint. Playdoh is easy to handle and safe for kids. I bought white playdoh for a whooping 99 cents and this weekend we tried “Operation Footprint” again to capture the moment – and success, we win!

Here is what you will need:

  • 140g jar of play-doh
  • rolling pin
  • a baby foot 😉
  • an assisting person

Optional are:

  • crafting mat
  • rulers for cutting straight lines

1. Take the playdoh out of the can and roll it into an even ball. Make sure your surface and rolling pin are clean and fuzzy free, the fuzzies will show on the white play doh. Place on a straight surface and using a rolling pin roll it out to ca. 1/2 inch thickness (or less).

2. Test if baby’s foot (or hand) will fit the space you rolled out. Don’t worry about the shape, just roll a rough rectangle.

3. Place the play-doh on the mat (or cutting board) on the floor. Have your assistant (aka dad) hold baby while you place and then press down the little foot.

(don’t take pictures while you do that…lol…they will be fuzzy…I know, shocker!)

4. With a long ruler or kitchen knife cut off the edges so your baby’s foot imprint seems to be on a rectangular box.

5. Set away to dry for at least two days. Once it is hard you can place it in a frame.

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  1. Rachelle, it’s so funny you say that…I just discovered too that though small pieces dry well, the large one we made didn’t, I will try the clay for sure. Thank you!

  2. just a thought…i wouldnt use play dough. once it dries its all crumbly and doesnt dry well. your better off using clay :)

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