Deployment Ideas

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Kid’s Toys and Magazines

by Tracie E.

My husband has been deployed several times and each time there are a few things we do.

One thing is that he has a magazine subscription that we keep going throughout the deployment. But instead of having it sent out to him there, we keep it coming to the house. That lets me send it to him in my care packages. He says it means more to him to know its coming from me rather than some computer generated mailing system.

I also make sure to include some kind of kid\’s toy in every package. From bubbles, to puzzles, to yo-yos, to hand-held games, to whatever I come across. They go through so much stress over there that these little toys are just goofy enough that they help relieve some of it.

Hometown Foods

by Christina C.

If your guy has access to a microwave while he’s overseas this may be a great idea…

While my husband was touring Iraq I used to send him care packages with different foods from local hometown restaurants. He was pretty homesick, so I was sending a few pieces to him.

Little Notebook

by Ashley C.

My husband’s not yet on Deployment, this was while he was at Boot Camp.

I wrote in a notebook every day of all the little mundane things that happend in my day, and pasted small pictures and stupid little news paper clippings of elections and things I see that made me laugh.

I sent it to him, and he told me how every night he would read it during square away time.

He said it made him feel closer to me, and helped him feel closer to me.

Stay Involved in Baby’s Life

Carol K.

I gave birth to my son on 9/11, and my husband deployed before that. He had to miss the birth which was hard, so I try to find ways to keep him “involved” in our baby’s life. I send him pictures, a clean diaper to show him what size he’s in, a onesie, and he actually took my son’s blanket with him to OEF to have when he’s battling. It helps remind him just what he’s fighting to come home too. Pictures are nice, but little mementos like clothing, diapers, the baby’s favorite toy, a bib…are all little touches that make them feel close to there kids. Fingerpaints, hand and feet prints are also good. Getting your childs’ info on a dogtag is cheap and a nice present for the hubby too.

Mag Fun

by Rhetta S.

When my man was deployed I used to cut out the for your guy parts out of COSMO, and send them to him, that way he had to read them. I also sent him guy workout mags or maxum with little comments written on the pictures like your arms are better or her boobs are fake, because I used to say those things when he was home. It was just a little reminder that I was still thinking about him, and missing him.

A Day in My Life

by Dani G.

When my husband was deployed to Iraq, all he ever wanted were tons and tons of pictures of me. Since I started a new job in a new town and he had never seen it, never been part of it, I wanted to bring my life to him. One day a friend came to visit me and tasked her with taking pictures of me during the day, from brushing teeth in the morning, to teaching, to eating lunch, my friend got a shot of it all.

Once the pictures were developed, I put them in a flip though album and sent it to my husband with the next care package.

He loved and and took some of the pictures out to put in his operations book, those pictures have survived many battles and made it easier for me to share my life with my husband
far away!

If you have an idea you would like to share leave a comment below!