Designer Essentials

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Here is a list of our favorite things: fonts, plugins, brushes, websites and more! This list keep growing, leave your suggestion here as a comment!


There a millions of font out there and you can burden your computer by having them all installed. As you can tell, we recommend a different approach. Devide all fonts into categories and then just have 2 or 3 of each installed at a time. There are also “deco fonts” that you just need to install when you use it, because more than likely you will not use it again. So here are our essential groups and some free & pay for examples that we love!

1. Blackletter

Free – KingsThings Spike

Free – Diploma

2. Script

Free – Champignon

Free – Beautiful ES

Pay Font – Carpenter Script

Pay Font – Aphrodite Pro

Pay Font - Passion Conflict ROB

Pay Font - Burgues Script

Pay Font - Buffet Script

A few of the pay for A&S Fonts

3. Scrap Fonts

Free – Lima Bean

Free – Digs My Heart

1 or 2 of the free Pea Fonts

a few of the pay for and free ScrapNFonts

a few of the pay for 2Peas Fonts

a few of the free and pay for CK Fonts

4. Bold & Stencil

Free – Capture it

Free – Army

Free – Grobold

Free – Adam Gory Lights

Free – Tangerine

Free – Kravitz Thermal

6. Deco Fonts

Pay Font - LD Dog Tags

Free Font - Orial

7. Pixel Fonts

Pick 3 or 4 of these free pixel fonts to make icons and blinkies!

Free Pixel script Font!


All pay for DoodleBats (install as you need)

Any of the free DingBats here!