iPad Wants and Needs

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You know I love anything apple. I REALLY want an iPad 2, hubby keeps asking if I really NEED it?!

So when I looked at these pictures a plain “pshh-ya-ha” is the answer. And when I read this comment:

“Coolest trick for an iPad with a Smart Cover? Hang that magnetic sucker on the side of the fridge. Instant flat screen equipped fridge! When you don’t need to consult a recipe, tap on over to NetFlix (or Pandora or your playlist, etc.) for some entertainment.”

it was a done deal. Darn, my birthday is not till August. Would it be too Housewives-of-Orange-County to ask for a congratulatory gift after giving birth to a child…that is due, let’s say in June? 😉

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  1. dani, I still dont know if I should get him the iPad (he rather wants an iPod 4G) or not. I LOVE it but hubby don’t really…. maybe I’ll just wait and get me one a littler later this year ;p What you think? LOL

    • Silke, get your hubby the iPod4G and the iPad for you, once he sees you watch your shows and movies on there, he will want one too :)

  2. I think the 3 is coming out in September, I can’t wait that long…I think…lol.

  3. Heard there’s an iPad 3D coming out soon – wouldn’t that be eveb better than the iPad 2? 😉 xx

  4. i am getting one for my hubby’s birthday!! I am excited to see his face when he gets it :) <3

  5. I have use it for recipes before.

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