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Wild Life Blogger (48)

Go with Your Heart - Blogger Layout (28)

Blogger Wedding (5)

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Blogger Lyt My Heart Unlocked (620)

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Thoughts Blogger Layout (62) blogger layout

SLMW Blogger Layout (97)

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  1. Yay, I have figured out how to use the layouts haha. :) I am using the wildlife thank you ladies<3

  2. xXAngelicEvilXx says:

    Snagged the Uncensored Thoughts! Thanks so much!

  3. I love and am using the heart unlocked looks great Thank you <3 MisitW

  4. hisluvinangel says:

    Love it using one on my blog thanks.

  5. Britters25 says:

    I love the thoughts uncensored one. I’m definitely going to use it for my blog now.

  6. mandied2 says:

    Snagged the blue thoughts one thanks for sharin’ I love it :)!

  7. BrittNavyGF says:

    Im registered! I finally figured it out!! lol thank u sooo much! I love this website!!!

  8. Britt, are you a registered member at The layouts are for registered members, just stop by the FAQs (linked above) for more!

  9. BrittNavyGF says:

    Ok so Im completly blonde and cannot figure out how to download the SMLW for my blog…can anyone help????

  10. Britters25 says:

    I’m using the SLMW one and I love it. thank you so much for sharing this

  11. Molly molly3079 says:

    snagged the thoughts one :)

  12. Awesome, it looks great on your page Sasha!

  13. princessleia says:

    i LOVE LOVE the thought one! using on my blogger!
    thanks dani!!!

  14. wickedstangschick says:

    YAY! It works :)
    I love it, thank you so much!

  15. Thank you so much it looks AMAZING =)

  16. dani, its absolutely superb!! great work!

  17. Sure hun :))) I will make many more! This is just the beginning!

  18. I LOVE IT and it worked! 😀 Thanks sooo much Dani!!!! I’m soo glad you’re doing blogger now; I hope to see many more in the future, lol. 😉 When you have the time of course. :-)


  19. CUTE

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