Deployment Snags

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Dear Deployment I’m through with You (Months)

I’m the present daddy left mommy before he deployed

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  1. Snagged 7 months down! Thank you!

  2. Ooops just saw it. 😉

  3. Is there one for Korea?

  4. I snagged the Korea ones

  5. Snagged 4 months & Kuwait!!! Thank you!!!

  6. snaagged a LOT of these theyre great thanks so much

  7. Snagged the is it nov yet? Ty

  8. airmanswife09 says:

    snagged the 2 months down! thx!

  9. armywife0414 says:

    And btw thank you! Its so hard to find a site with awesome military graphics

  10. armywife0414 says:

    Snagged the 7 months down…I love your site!!

  11. ashley.frischman says:

    snagged operation deployment 1 month down!! thank you!! :) i love your whole site! it is amazing!

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