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The new facebook timeline offers some more customization of your profile, so let’s jump right in! Just a note on facebook images, facebook does it’s own compression and thus changes the image quality, so some images especially non photo ones will look a little less crisp than what they really are. To get the best possible quality do this:

1. Create a folder in your photos

2. Upload the cover image and make sure the “high quality” box is checked.

3. Go to you profile and chose the picture you just added.

Please leave a comment if you would like to see more!

Custom photo banners start at $10 please email me at dani@camolove.com :)

Right click and “save image as”

Right click and “save image as”



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  1. I love your I love my soldier penguin style.. is there one that say I love my marine instead of soldier?

  2. I saved the homecoming one to use in a few months :)

  3. Snagged the penguin one, very cute :) thanks for sharing!

  4. Heather Potter says:

    My husband is about to deploy, do you have any Facebook Covers that are for deployments?

  5. These are great. I didn’t snag any yet but I will probably be back for penguin one. 

  6. jacquie moore says:

    snagged the penguin one tysvm

  7. jacquie moore says:

    i snagged the penguin one tysvm

  8. Thanks hun, I will be adding more for sure :)

  9. Can’t use them because I’m no longer an army wife but I just wanted to say they were adorable!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Lady, snagged em both. Love em and hope you will be having some more through out the year/seasons ?! But I am sure you will 😉 Have a great new week Lady !!!

  11. I think this is too cute. I would LOVE to see more. Maybe some non-military, Engaged ones 😉 Very, very cute. Love your work!
    -Noemi T.

  12. I snagged the penguin style one..to cute!! ty so much

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