Printable Scrapbook Labels

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Of course you can use them for whatever personal print project you’d like 😉

There are 2 sheets (one pink one gray) in .pdf format. You can open it with the free Acrobat reader (just choose your operating system and download)!
Each sheet will be letter sized. Set your printer to highest quality (300dpi).


* print with laser printer
* print on sticker paper
* with ink jet let dry for an hour before you touch the sheet to cut

Free Printable Labels at

Free Printable Labels at

You must be a registered member of to download!

Printables Labels Gray (12)

Printables Labels Pink (14)

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  1. Great idea thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks Dani! :) I can’t wait to use them!!!

  3. Molly molly3079 says:

    I saved both for now! :) ill print them out later :)

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