Icon Offer – Closed

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They will be posted tomorrow!



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  1. aww too bad i missed this one :) its so pretty

  2. jessica says:

    1. Leave Your name! Jessica
    2. Leave his name! Dale

    Thank you!

  3. airforcegirl29 says:

    May i have one please?
    1. Leave Your name! Elizabeth

    2. Leave his name! Bill


  4. Jennifer says:

    May I have one please
    Jennifer G
    Thank you!

  5. May i have one please and thank you
    1. Angi
    2. Will
    Thank You very Much

  6. Kirstie says:

    May I have one please?

    1. Kirstie
    2. Timothy


  7. Jessica says:


    Thanks!!!!!!! Love it. <3

  8. Megan Marie says:

    may i have one please?
    1. Leave Your name: Megan

    2. Leave his name: Joe

    thanks Dani, this is cute :o)

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