In Love with a Hero Tag Offer by Wy CLOSED

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thanks for



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  1. I would totally love to have one. But you said first five only so I am probably too late :(

    In case I could still get one, names would be

    Thank you so much

  2. ignore my post. got the email hahahahah

  3. 1. Kelsey & Jon
    2. Kelsey
    3. of course!

  4. Samantha B says:

    May I have one please so cute
    1. 2 names-Chris & Samantha
    2. pickup name-Samantha B
    3. promise to pickup asap. thx!-I promise I will sweetie
    Thank you

  5. Please pickup in a timely manner.
    1. 2 names
    Robbi and Jessi
    2. pickup name
    3. promise to pickup asap. thx!

    THANK YOU!!! :)

  6. 1. 2 names
    Molly & Jason

    2. pickup name
    Molly R
    3. promise to pickup asap. thx!:

    will pick up when i wake up in the morning 😀

    please and ty

  7. Hunter & Stacie

  8. Christine says:

    I’d like one please.

    1. Miguel and Christine

    2. Christine

    3. Promise

    With a white background for facebook =)

  9. 1. Nikia and Josh

    2. Nikia

    3. Thank you!!

  10. Please may I have one?
    1. Jon & Sonja
    2. Sonja
    3. Yes ma’am…the SEC just won another BCS Champ Game…I couldn’t go to sleep now if I tried! 😀

    Thank you!!! :)

  11. Jennifer & Jim


    I promise to pick up ASAP! Thanks!!

  12. I owuld love to have one PLEASE :)

    1. Melissa & William
    2. Melissa F.
    3. promise :)

  13. Kelsey & Jon