Military Doll Offer :: Offer Closed (help wanted)

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Ok, here we go, this is a set of the first Military Dolls coming your way. The camo ones are already made too :) I made them from scratch pixel by pixel!


* you will pick up within 3 days of posting pick ups (pick ups are tomorrow, if you miss your pick up you may NEVER request from me again, sorry but my time is too valuable!)
* you will show these dolls on your front page!
* you have no pending pick ups with Wy or myself
* tag pass holders can request anytime using a point :)

What Need From You:

* your name:
* your eye color:
* your hair color:
* his eye color:
* his hair color:
* his branch:
(note: USCG and USMC have to submit a picture of the PT uniforms, because I have no clue what they look like lol)

Thanks :)

If you like these dolls and want to see more, send me pictures of your love in his dress uniform and in his every day uniform!



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  1. Thanks Dani I’m doing that now!

  2. Laura hun, you can get it through my customs just sent payment ($1.50) to dani @ and I will send the tag right over to you :) You can read more about the tag pass here:

  3. I see that it is closed lol I guess I should have looked please let me know how to do the tag pass so I can request this I would love to place this on my myspace & facebook page. Thank you again Dani

  4. Not sure if this is open but they are so cute and would love one! You do awesome work!!!

    What Need From You:

    * your name:Laura
    * your eye color:Hazel
    * your hair color:Blonde
    * his eye color:Blue
    * his hair color:bald but light brown
    * his branch:Army

    If this is still open
    Thank you so much
    Great work!

  5. This is so great Dani! I’d love to use one of my points for this please. Thanks so much!

    * your name: Deanna
    * your eye color: Brown
    * your hair color: Brown
    * his eye color: Hazel
    * his hair color: Brown
    * his branch: Airforce

  6. may i plz have one plz

    * your name:Tracie
    * your eye color:Blue
    * your hair color:Red
    * his eye color:Hazel
    * his hair color:Black
    * his branch:Army

    thanks so much, this is so awsome


  8. Yay :) Finally I get to make something for you…lol

  9. Victoria Phillips says:

    What Need From You:

    * your name: Victoria
    * your eye color: Amber/Brown
    * your hair color: Dark Brown and black
    * his eye color: Brown
    * his hair color: Dark brown
    * his branch: Army

    Requesting my first tag pass offer <3

  10. and that was 3

  11. Shannon Nieto says:

    * your name: Shannan
    * your eye color: Brown
    * your hair color: Black
    * his eye color: Brown
    * his hair color: Black
    * his branch: ARMY


  12. OH WOW. I have never seen anything this good. You are truly the best designer ever in my eyes. May I please have one? I will proudly display it on my page && pick it up as soon as it is ready. This is amazing.

    * your name: Breanna
    * your eye color: green
    * your hair color: blonde
    * his eye color: brown
    * his hair color: brown
    * his branch: Army

    Thank you so much Dani this is amazing. I love all of your work.
    <3 Breanna M.

  13. id love one please
    * your name: Danielle
    * your eye color: Brown
    * your hair color: Black
    * his eye color: Blue
    * his hair color: Brown
    * his branch: USAF
    thank you so much

  14. Soldierswifey88 says:

    May i have one please??

    * your name: Jessica
    * your eye color: Blue
    * your hair color: Brown
    * his eye color: Brownish/Hazel
    * his hair color: Brown
    * his branch: Army

    This is suuupppeeerrrr cute!! =]

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