Movie Icon Offer CLOSED

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What I need from you. Please read carefully!

1. Suggest to all your facebook friends. Just let me know you did it 😉

2. Your Name:

3. A video, no longer than 45 seconds, less than 10MB. Any video that you have made it doesn’t have to be a child’s clip (no copyrighted materiel like TV/Theater movie clips!!!).

A 30 second smart phone video would be perfect. Please upload the file here and give me the link:

4. Info about the video, who’s in it what is your relationship to them (basically that will be the writing on your icon):

5. Two color choices (the sample is pink and purple):

6. Your email address (in case you miss your pick up):

Phhewww….I know it’s a lot but it’s worth it.

Also, please allow up to 3 days for the completion of your icon :)



PS. Tag Pass Peeps just let me know if you want to use 3 points to get one and leave your info in here :)

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  1. OMGoodness girly this is the cutest icon I have ever seen! I never seen it in a video style, I absolutely love it!! Great work as always!!

  2. Susan and Soy made it first :) Icons will be posted asap!

  3. ill think about it if i want to use 3 points….. ok i want one :) ill email my info…with the clip. ill have to go through and find a short clip :)

  4. their names I’m sorry are Helena and Andrew, i love this offer thank you so much again

  5. Shannon R. says:

    Aww I missed it…OMGoodness Dani this is the most amazing Icon I have ever seen. I know I say this a lot but You Rock Girl..

  6. Suggestions sent
    My Babes, My SuperMan, Abbs
    Pink & Red or Pink & Purple…whichever looks better =)

    thank you soooo much, this is awesome

  7. shared, and posted to my page

    Susan Gray

    purple and green

    they are my kids, the loves of my life. whatever cute mom/kid quote you want is fine with me.

    this is amazing! thank you! :)

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