Tag Offer First 5

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You must have picked up all your tags/icons and not be on here!

Tag Pass Peeps I will send you those tags along with the icons on Monday!

Fill out this form:

1. Name:

2. Image link



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  1. i think i forgot to give you my myspace address lol so i sent it to you so i can get my offer. :)

  2. I love this! great job!

  3. I love it can’t wait to see mine on monday You do such a great job

  4. may I have one please and thank you
    I think Im number 5..=]
    Angi L.


  5. Kristin Esposito says:

    i would love one please!

    1. kristin
    2. http://i822.photobucket.com/albums/zz144/kesposito21/25645_1344384844001_1062644698_1011.jpg

    p/u is kristin
    thanks so much its really cute!

  6. Amanda Crisp says:

    Amanda Crisp
    Thank you sooo much! It’s really cute and just had to get it!

  7. Cuuute! May I have one please?

    Fill out this form:

    1. Name: Niki

    2. Image link: http://i45.tinypic.com/2llzfrs.jpg

    p/u Niki C.
    Thank you so much =D

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