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Hey all!
Sorry for my absence, I’ve been away longer than I intended.
But then again, we don’t intend for sicko germies to infest your house. ┬álol

Anywho, the following tag

is what I have up for my next tag offer.
If you’d like to sign up for my tag pass, click HERE for more info.
My tag pass holders don’t miss any offers and have all tags emailed to them.
No fuss, no muss. =)

I will take the first 5 only.
Due to the photo portion of the tag, any incorrect requests will be dismissed.
And when I ask for the direct link for the photo, I just need the “http://link.com” for where your

photo is stored.
Pls no html codes.
Photo of one person is recommended but if one of couple’s faces close together is fine.
All tags will have

white background.

I will

re-offer again for those who missed it.


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  1. that is sooo cute. Too bad I missed it. Maybe next time :) *sigh*

  2. 1. Shelby G
    2. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1589882505073&set=a.1589869944759.2086772.1176150011&pid=31733180&id=1176150011
    let me know if the link doesnt work. I can always email it to you if i need to.
    thank you!

  3. can i have one please

    1.first name and last name initial for pickup.

    Samantha h
    2. the direct link for 1 photo.


    thnk you very very much

  4. Janelle Chase says:
  5. Erica Villanueva says:
  6. May I have one please and thank you
    angi S.


  7. thank you =)

  8. May I have one please?
    1. first name and last name initial for pickup.Samantha B
    2. the direct link for 1 photo.-
    Thank you hun

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