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Valentine's Day Cupcake

I will make 11 (Morna and below) :)

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  1. I always miss them :(

  2. sooo cute!!!

  3. Hi, this is lovely!!

    1. Morna
    2. DJ
    3. Dog Tags, Yes please.

    Thank :) Mx

  4. 1. Your Name: Leesha

    2. Name on heart: Wesley

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): yes

  5. Valene Marie says:

    I adore this!

    May I please have one made :)

    1. Your Name: Valene

    2. Name on heart: Jamie

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): No please :)

    Thank you SOOOO much <3

  6. FIRST 7

    1. Your Name: Heather

    2. Name on heart: Donald

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): Yes please

    Thanks so much

  7. 1. Jennifer

    2. Jim

    3. Yes

    Please and thanks so much!!!

  8. 1. Your Name: Janelle
    2. Name on the heart: Michael
    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): Yes

  9. Oh how adorable!
    May I have one please?
    1. Your Name: Amanda

    2. Name on heart: Thomas

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): NO

    Thank you so much sug!!

  10. angela

    no dog tags
    angela w.

  11. May i have one please!

    1. Dania

    2. Alexis

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): YES

    Thank You!

  12. 1. Your Name: Katy

    2. Name on heart: Jesse

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): Yes

  13. amber benham says:

    1. Your Name: Amber

    2. Name on heart: David

    3. Dog Tags (yes or no): yes

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