Thankful Tag Offer – CLOSED

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  1. Jenne Gordon says:

    May I please have one? TYVM
    My Sailor, My Hero
    with dogtags plz
    thanks so much! I have loved your work for years and I will keep requesting lol

  2. Oops, and my hero is my husband Jim! Thanks!

  3. Amy

    Thankful for my airman, my hero

    With Dog Tags please!

  4. My name is Jennifer, I am thankful for my family and friends, and with the dog tags please! Thanks!

  5. I’d love one please
    1. Your Name:Danie A

    2. Who you are thankful for, who is your hero: Mathew

    3. With dog tags or without: with please
    Thank you

  6. 1. Your Name: Bayley Leach

    2. Who you are thankful for, who is your hero: My sailor, Adam

    3. With dog tags

  7. My name, Kristen Wilson Thankful for my soldier hubby Earl, With dog tags

  8. Thankful for: Foy

    Without Dog tags

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