My Sugar Collection

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My dad has been keeping some of my “stuff” and gave it to me when we moved back to Germany. I was delighted to find my sugar collection among the odd items. I had been collecting little sugar bags from all over the world since I was 13 or so. Back then I though it would be great way to keep track of all the places I had been – then everyone started collecting for me and I soon lost track of where what piece of sugar was from (unless they had the actual restaurant or Cafe title on the bag).

Now, it is just a pretty collection that makes a unique home decor element with a personal touch.

Sugar Collection

There are some special treats in there though. Like this bag here that stems from GDR times, a country that stopped existing 20 years ago, so that is pretty cool to have:

Vintage Sugar Bag


And of course wrapped cubes of sugar. When was the last time you’ve seen one of those? Do they still make them?

Vintage Sugar Cube Collection


Then, there are these pretty ones, little pieces of art:

Vintage Sugar Bag Collection


So keep your eyes open for these sweet treasures!

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  1. cute! I still use to collect sugar bags… some of them are packed with sweet memories :) 

  2. Hi Dani! I’m Di from Kiev(Ukraine). My best friend collecting sugar bags, maybe you have double bags and want to get a new sugar bags from the Ukraine? Please send me a message on my mail: (sorry for my English) Thanks!

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