Oven Temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius

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Now, I love the USA, but your measurement system dear USA is seriously complicated. That includes the temperature system. Degrees Celsius (ºC) used in…uhmm…I think everywhere but the US…no wait, Belize uses it too 😉 is a very simple concept to grasp. At 0ºC water freezes and at 100ºC water boils, which sets the normal body temperature at 37ºC. Degrees Farhenheit (ºF) used in the US and based on German (!) Physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit’s scale sets the freezing point of water at 32ºF and the boiling point at 212ºF – making the average body temp 98.6 ºF. I’m already dizzy and not digging the math problem baking cookies at 350ºF in my Celsius based oven imposes. So here is a cheat sheet. Print it and put it on your fridge :)

Conversion of Common Fahrenheit Temps

Fahrenheit Celsius
250°F 120°C
275°F 135°C
300°F 149°C
325°F 162°C
350°F 176°C
375°F 190°C
400°F 204°C
425°F 218°C
450°F 232°C
475°F 246°C
500°F 260°C

Conversion of Common Centigrade Temps

Celsius Fahrenheit
120ºC 248 ºF
150ºC 302ºF
160ºC 320ºF
180ºC 356ºF
190ºC 374ºF
200ºC 392ºF
220ºC 428ºF
230ºC 446ºF
240ºC 464ºF
250ºC 482ºF


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  1. LOL, yes we had the wrong pan and everything, but it still turned out great. I have a great Blueberry cobbler recipe I will share when there are more blueberries :)

  2. Oh to have had this chart when i was visiting you in Germany! I still laugh when I remember us trying to set the oven to cook a blueberry cobbler. Good times~!

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