Dear Military, I Want Some Cheese With My Whine

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This weekend my husband and I went to the commissary on base. While walking into the door he said to me. “This is so cool, the up front VIP parking that used to be reserved for Generals, is now reserved for spouses of deployed Soldiers with kids under 7.” Somewhere between the shopping carts and the stacked up Valentine’s candy I managed to suppress the water leakage that was starting to pool in my eyes. *sniff sniff*

Still in the produce section, I was contemplating why this “stuff” gets to me like that? It’s just a silly parking sign, for God’s sake! Why am I a weak, weepy, cries-a-lot-kind of girl? I wasn’t always like that! There was a time when I would have been able to watch an episode of Army Wives without balling like a tax payer on April 15th. I could have watched Oprah’s Troops Special without flooding my living room. And I would have been capable of watching the animal clinic show without needing tissues because some random cat owner brought her cats in to be tested as blood donors for a really sick kitty cat – and all this when I have no passion for cats at all! That was the time before I met my husband.

When my clients come to me and are unclear about things in their lives (I’m a life coach in my second life), I use one phrase a lot “What specifically… is making you sad? What specifically… do you dislike about being overweight?…” Practice as you preach, they say – I shall adhere.

So, what specifically is making me weep in those “cheesy” situations? Let’s take the cat donor example. What really got to me was the fact that there was this lady, who on her own time, at her own expenses came in to help someone in trouble. That touches me, that touches the bottom of my heart – those selfless acts of kindness move me to a physical reaction. To do something for someone else without expecting anything in return…wow.

As an Army wife I had the same “wow” feeling toward my solider husband. He put himself out there time and time again on behalf of freedom and the American people. To this day, as a Veteran wife, I have those feelings toward any service member, and anyone who makes sacrifices for other people in hopes of a greater good – or just to do it. I have no words for the emotional cocktail of gratitude, awe & happiness – but I have tears for that – thank God!

So I proudly wave my tissue!

Puffy eyes ’nuff said!

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  1. Great article! loved it and love this blog. glad to have found it!! 

  2. Ah, I loved your article! It made me all teary eyed just reading it. Thanks a ton, I really needed a heart felt moment. :)

  3. I ditto Brandy’s comment! My 3yr old asked what was so funny when i got to that part! haha! I love this article! love it! and can SOOOO relate!

  4. Teehee :)

  5. I feel the same way!!! I find myself tearing up at little things and trying to hide it from everyone!!! I have to say that comment “watch an episode of Army Wives without balling like a tax payer on April 15th” was HILARIOUS though!!!! lol

  6. This one was the Mannheim, Germany one :) With the year over I start thinking about taxes…LOL

  7. Well, I’m a crier, and emotional at a lot of stuff, but yeah, I’d be crying about all of that. And where is this place that has parking up front for deployed spouses? That is AWESOME! I always feel for those spouses coming out of the commy/PX/whatever with 3 kids, and 2 are in the stroller still. :( You know they are pretty tired anyways.

    And I’m sorry, but I’m LMBO with that line “watch an episode of Army Wives without balling like a tax payer on April 15th”!!! That is soooo hilarious and sooo true!

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