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Now that we are about a week into the New Year I have to ask… How are those New Year’s

Resolutions going for you? Have you given up on them already? I know am one of those people that choose NOT to make resolutions, and not just because I am a lazy person. ☺ I have a theory about why

resolutions are so hard to keep and possibly a way to fix the goal setting issue. I think, that the reasons resolutions fail is because they are too general & most goals are made without having a way to measure successes or be held accountable for failures. So… The easy way to do this is to make goals that are SMART. Of course I am referring to yet another of the wonderful acronyms that I was taught in my early years with the military. Allow me to explain…
S – Specific – When making a goal you need to make sure that you make it something specific. The common goal of “losing weight” is an admirable goal, but the goal may be made more specific by saying how you intend to achieve the goal. So instead of “losing weight” say “I want to drop 2 dress sizes by working-out everyday & eating healthier.
M – Measurable – Pretty simple, I think. Put a number into your goal. Give yourself something to strive for. Instead of saying “I’m going to mail my spouse a lot of packages when deployed”, Try instead “I will mail my spouse one package a week for the year they are deployed.” This way you have a way to hold yourself accountable for your goal.
A – Attainable – This is where you check your goal to make sure that it is actually some that you have control of to obtain. If you make a goal to become a fiancée by the end of the month, and you do not even have a boyfriend, this is obviously not something that you even have control over.
R – Realistic – Going hand-in-hand with attainable, a goal also must be realistic. Setting a goal that says I will lose 100 pounds in 3 weeks, is an example on an unrealistic goal. Goals such as these do nothing but set yourself up for failure.
T – Timely – Give yourself a time limit to achieve your goal. Just saying that you want to lose 20 pounds is great, but if those you do not have a target date that you want to achieve that goal by you may find that 3 years later you still haven’t reached your goal. By giving yourself a goal you not only assure that you hold yourself accountable for your goal, but it also allows gives you that sense of urgency to not slack off on your goals.

I have found that by sticking to this goal making strategy I have been able to make and achieve such a great number of goals

that I have not had the need to make any New Year’s Resolutions. I have instead managed to lose 15 pounds while my husband was at JRTC, successfully signed up & enrolled myself into the upcoming Spring semester at the university here & finished my second weekly blog posting!! YEA!!!

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