Military vs. Civilian Christmas

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Christmas, is Christmas, is Christmas, it is a special time for most people – civilian or not. It is a time to create great memories, cherish the company of your family and friends (or dread it, depending on your family :) ) and take a breather before the next year. It’s “the most wonderful time of the year”, so they sing in carols and make us believe in commercials…yet that is not always true for a Military family. The Military Christmas is ever so slightly different from a civilian Christmas:

  • A Military loved one might not be able to be with their family, because the family is in _____ (<- put your home state here) and they are in ____ (<- put your current location miles away here)
  • In the advent of Christmas many Military families have to worry if they will even be with their loved at Christmas. The Military likes to play musical chairs with important dates like that…not good for the fragile mind of a Military loved one.
  • Often times the Military family is missing their service member at Christmas, because they are deployed or in the field or working…which leaves a big gaping hole in your heart while you try to be jolly…very exhausting. At his point you may pour yourself an extra glass of eggnog 😉
  • Whilst a civilian family might come back to old school values during Christmas like putting real candles on a tree (I really hope you don’t live in AZ, CA or any other bush fire prone state…) and making a gingerbread house from scratch, the Military family will embrace the new age, and have their laptop, computer, phone, cellphone, pager (…) ready and fully charged, because the Military Christmas might include emails, phone calls and skype dates!
  • Also, for a Military loved one you don’t have to run the mall every other day or raid in hope that one of the million things you got them will make them happy. It won’t. All they want for Christmas is their Soldier/Marine/Airman/Sailor/Guardsman/Coastie.
  • When the special occasion arises and the Military loved one gets to spend Christmas with their service member, they will cherish every moment together…because we know not to take anything for granted.

Have a Merry and Safe Christmas everyone!

Thanks everyone at My ♥ is in the Military for your thoughts and input!

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  1. So so true! Thanks for posting, loved it!

  2. Here Here! :) LOVE IT!

    Just a bit of editing…
    “At this point, you may pour yourself an extra glass of *spiked* eggnog.” <—LOL! 😉

    Let's have a cheer for Skype dates, Webcam dates, or any date you can have with your loved one! :) (Our fave is Windows Live Messenger.) HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! 😀

    And yes, no present, no matter how grand, can replace the love of your life being at home with you. I'm sure our kids would send back every amazing gift they're getting this year just to have their Daddy here. "There's no place like home for the holidays, for no matter how far away you roam, When you long for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, For the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home!"

  3. LOVE THIS!! Thanks for posting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little snowmen! UH-DORABLE!!!!!

  4. Britters25 says:

    This rings so true ands hits close to home. Thank you for posting it. Being from California, the candle comment made me laugh–very cute.

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