Tribute to Military Girlfriends, Fiancees and Wives

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If you had any doubt that you are a special breed of woman. Watch this clip and hear the young airman talk about you!

No no, don’t you worry, we did not forget the greatest of women, the Military mom!

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  1. Betsy, this is a tribute to Military Girlfriends, Fiancees and Wives, who CHOSE to love a man in uniform. Military moms are not covered here, which isn’t to say that they are not appreciated. It would not be right to squeeze the woman who didn’t chose, but was DESTINED to love a hero into this 😉
    I will add a clip for Army moms :)

  2. Betsy smith says:

    As a military mom I feel very left out. We are a big part of these military men. We are not old ladies, and are very active with his deployment with my daughter in law.

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