Loving From Afar – Poem

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Loving From Afar

by Daniela

My love, I understand that you must go
For it is your job. Others need you afar.
Another seven months to endure. Although
you have left me here with a lonely heart
I will wait for you for as long as it takes,
Trust in me that time and distance will not break us.
You speak of issues and love lost as the cause of mistakes.
infidelity shall not cross my path. You are my only focus.
We say “forever and always” after every “I love you”
For it has a meaning that only you and I know
Disagreements, you can bet we’ll have them but we’ll get through
Those struggles. Living every day as if there’ll be no tomorrow.
Time will pass, whether it be fast or slow
I do not know but I cannot wait to hear your next hello.

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