Military Poem Collection

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Military Poems

These poems were written by you, the Military wives, girlfriends, moms and everyone else who loves a Service Member. Feel free to share your poem so we can put it up here to inspire and move other military spouses, friends and family!
These poems are the sole intellectual property of the authors and may not be copied without their permission!

Army Soldier

by armymami

They didn’t get issued
Dog tags, boots or army greens
They are too young
They are not even teens
But every day they go to war
Their life has changed
It isn’t like before
They are too young to
Have weapons by their side
But this is their fight
They have nowhere to hide
They give up everything
And they don’t even know
Why they are left behind
While their loved ones go
They never had the proper
Weeks of training
They “suck it up” without
They go weeks without a
Call or a letter
Hoping the time will
Make things better
They don’t even get
Paid for everything they do
Some don’t even know the sacrifice
They make, they have no clue
Some will never understand
Why they continue to fight
Thru 365 days and 365 nights
They were taught to never accept defeat
To always continue
Until the mission is complete
They are too young
And still they follow orders
Who are these people you may ask
The kids of an Army soldier
{written for the two people that mean the most to me}

You’re the One for Me

by Sarah D.

When we started talking,
I knew there had to be,
a really good reason you stood out so much to me.
I’d searched and longed for someone to hold, someone to have until we grow old.
I had been through it all,
or so I thought,
until that very day my eyes were caught.
We laughed, we fought we waited to see,
until both of us realized and said…
‘You’re the one for me!’
We fell in love, it seemed so fast, but through it all we knew it would last.
We stayed faithful, in love, and here from the start.. even while you were at bootcamp, you still had my heart.
We missed, we kissed, then we had to let go, but its truly the only way that we can grow.
You’re gone again, physically, trust me no matter what you’re always with me, in my heart, in my dreams I’m so glad you’re mine. MY UNITED STATES MARINE!

The Path I’ve Chosen

by Rachel W. C.

May 29th, 2006

Your touch still lingers
your face is still here
I wait in the shadows
for You’re the one I hold dear
My heart is true
my will is strong
I’m forever Yours
even though your gone
My most precious possession
hangs softly around my neck
I will make it through this time
no matter what the bet
My memory holds tight
the images are strong
Some days are worse then others
but life must still go on
I fall asleep
holding tight to this chain
Trying to ease
this undeniable pain
I will continue to wait
I will remain Semper Fi
And no matter what happens
I promise to try
I long for the day
you come home to stay
The distance is hard
but it’s the only way
Before we met
my heart was a mess
But now life has meaning
and babe You’re the best
The storm is gone
my life is serene
For my heart belongs
to My U.S. Marine

Message: Untitled

by Christina C.

March 27th, 2006

Depression seeps inside her
She’s cold and all alone
Thoughts she never had before
Overwhelming her tiny soul

She misses him so dearly
his touch, his warmth, his hands
So calming and so soothing
But now all that ends

His clothes aren’t in the laundry
But instead in her hands
she holds them as she cries
hoping to catch his scent

He’s only been gone a month
and there’s 6 more to go
till she holds him in her arms
and never lets him go

An Open Mind

by Heather

An open mind filled with dreams, Tell me how I’m feeling,what all this means?
When I fall asleep at night you’re all that I can see, Looking into your eyes you’re all that I can be.

Endless thoughts of you through out my day, When I hear your voice it’s all ok.
To countdown the hours is more than just tough, Can I ever tell you I love you enough?

As I lie alone in our bed at night,
I picture you there, I shut my eyes real tight.
Imagine I’m wrapped in your arms and you’re near, Protecting me from all the things that I fear.

But when I open them up again and I look around, Your side of the bed is cold, you’re no where to be found.
I sigh and roll over, think how long will this go on?
How long for will my soldier be gone?

And with one last prayer to God, hoping you’re fine, I fall asleep feeling grateful that you are mine..

Notes of an Army Wife

by Katherine M.

It’s 5:35 in the morning and I’m out of bed reading the poems on
here and some tears I’ve shed.
Being able to relate what an Army Wife goes through and it’s our 1st
deployment and I HOPE there’s not a number 2. Thinking and thinking how my
husband might be, not being able to hear his voice makes me really unhappy.
He calls and calls when I’m at work as I see the “unavailable” caller id as
if him saying “Baby pick up, it’s me!” It brings smiles to my face knowing
he’s the one on the other line of the call, but all I can do is sit there as
tears start to fall. Unfortunately, I cannot pick up whenever he calls
because I work at a call center and we’re always busy with calls.
So my day goes on wishing I could have picked up his call, but at least I
got a voicemail and that may do it all. A voicemail is not the same but it
brings happiness anyway, listening to the voicemail with the things he has
to say, like I love you baby and I’ll try again the next day. It breaks my
heart to see the effort he puts in to call, but no one said a deployment was
going to be easy at all.
I want to say I admire all the Army Wives in the world, whether you’ve been
through a deployment or more and even none at all, but we are there next to
man supporting real proud and stand tall.
Now my words to this poem they start to go away, but now a sigh relief is
let out knowing I’ve gotten out what I’ve had to say.
As I go back to lay in bed, all I can think about is my husband and hoping
he’s out of harm’s way.
For the wives that have your husband to lay with you at night be fortunate
because it’s really hard going to bed with only his pillow in sight. Never
go to bed angry and always kiss each other good night.

My love, my best friend, my, my soldier

by Rebecca

Some days I’ll smile one minute, and the next, I’ll just start crying.
Most days I say, ‘Its not that hard’ knowing I am lying.
Some days, I’m so proud for not crying myself to sleep,

Most days I don’t leave home as much, just incase he gets to call
Some days I just can’t take it, and I’m overwhelmed by it all.
Now, I cry more than I ever remember, yet I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
Even though he’s far away, I’m even more in love with him.
Always, do I miss him,
But Never will I stray.

Because by his side, I’ll stay
My love, my best friend, my , my soldier.

A Poem

by Kristen
Another day, another tomorrow
Both can be filled with smiles or sorrow.
These tears I cry,
Don’t help the days go by.
It seems like the hours crawl along,
You need to be here where you belong.
It is hard trying to have a normal day,
And it seems forever until it is finally May.
I cry when I miss your call,
You aren’t here to help me up when I fall.
I miss your hugs, laughs, smiles and kisses,
Hopefully one day things will come true from all my wishes.


by Annie S.

I hear you say “I understand, its hard” Your appreciate the sacrifice
made, support our troops and freedom isn’t free.
I wonder if you really know the sacrifice.
As you lie in bed tonight, your husband by your side, Your
imagination might make you wonder what you would do in my shoes.
What would it be like, being all alone?
The week he went away on business doesn’t qualify you to say you
know how I feel. The summer you saw him 4 times while you were
dating doesn’t come close to the days that drag on for me.
Every night I crawl into an empty bed.
I stretch to catch the breeze in the heat of the night, yet still
would give anything to have that warm body next to me.
I stare out the window, sleep far away It hasn’t been a week, and oh
to only be apart for a month, Its been 4 months since I last saw his
face, and it will be another 8 before I again hold him in my arms.
Before I feel the comfort of his body and hear the softness in his
I pray each night that he will be able to dodge bullets, see that
bomb buried in the pavement. that he won’t be caught in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
I wonder if I’m doing enough. Does he know how much I love him?
I’m scared to find the memories that slip away, no matter how I try
to keep them fresh. Have you looked at a picture and cried,
realizing you no longer can imagine how his hand felt in yours? Do
you long to hear a laugh as it fades further and further out of your
memory? Does a gentle whisper seem like a dream to good to ever
come true again?
I don’t know how to explain it, and I pray you’ll never know. So
please, before you say you think you have a clue, pray you never

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