Poem by Sarah – You’re the one for me

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When we started talking,
I knew there had to be,
a really good reason you stood out so much to me.
I’d searched and longed for someone to hold, someone to have until we grow old.
I had been through it all,
or so I thought,
until that very day my eyes were caught.
We laughed, we fought we waited to see,
until both of us realized and said…
‘You’re the one for me!’
We fell in love, it seemed so fast, but through it all we knew it would last.
We stayed faithful, in love, and here from the start.. even while you were at bootcamp, you still had my heart.
We missed, we kissed, then we had to let go, but its truly the only way that we can grow.
You’re gone again, physically, trust me no matter what you’re always with me, in my heart, in my dreams I’m so glad you’re mine. MY UNITED STATES MARINE!

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  1. Love this! Great job!

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