Poem :: Army Soldier

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Army Soldier

by armymami

They didn’t get issued
Dog tags, boots or army greens
They are too young
They are not even teens
But every day they go to war
Their life has changed
It isn’t like before
They are too young to
Have weapons by their side
But this is their fight
They have nowhere to hide
They give up everything
And they don’t even know
Why they are left behind
While their loved ones go
They never had the proper
Weeks of training
They “suck it up” without
They go weeks without a
Call or a letter
Hoping the time will
Make things better
They don’t even get
Paid for everything they do
Some don’t even know the sacrifice
They make, they have no clue
Some will never understand
Why they continue to fight
Thru 365 days and 365 nights
They were taught to never accept defeat
To always continue
Until the mission is complete
They are too young
And still they follow orders
Who are these people you may ask
The kids of an Army soldier
{written for the two people that mean the most to me}

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