Pregnancy Heart Burn – My Go To Drug

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Not a sexy topic, I know. Past the second trimester there are only a few things sexy about pregnancy. Heart burn is not one of them. The equation is simple: Shoved up to lungs stomach + eating for two * your angle to earth = heartburn

Especially at night when my angle to earth is 0º and digestion is in full swing I’m humming the Johnny Cash’s song “ring of fire”.  I was used to popping Rolaids, they are good – not sure why they stopped making the berry flavored one – but anyways. My ObiGyn in Germany suggested Gaviscon, which comes in a liquid and a pill version. It is sugar free and totally safe during pregnancy. I wanted the chewy pills, my pharmacy only had the liquid – fine – liquid it was. It works. After getting over the weird peppermint taste and consistency (like slurping the inside of an After Eight chocolate) and the first fire free night, I was hooked. It works. You can get it in the US and in Europe, just type in or .com or or…you get the idea.

They totally should have paid me for this post, they didn’t. I will have to do with the knowledge that I spread the word about something that really helped me, there fore helping others, which is what I am all about.

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  1. OMG Dani I had no idea you are preggo!! Congrats my friend. Heartburn is something I dealt with really bad in my second pregnancy and it was awful. I would take zantac or tums to deal with it. I found milk sometimes helped or yogurt. Anything citrus would come back to haunt me though haha!

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