What you need for you and your baby

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A very good friend of mine is expecting her first baby and she asked me to tell her all the things she will need. So I am made this list according my own experience of a surviving life with a breastfed disposable diapered baby :) all my opinion and another mom might make you a totally different list…

  • For the pregnancy: Rollaids or gaviscon for heart burn and your vitamins (DHA, Folic Acid and lots of Iron should be key!)
  • Baby blankets from the hospital (at least 5): At the hospitals they have these great baby blankets. I swear by them, they are perfect, large enough to swaddle really well and the material is thin and think and easy to wash. Swaddling is the ONE things that saved our lives in the first 3 months with both our girls
  • Pacifier: We liked the playtex brand and soothie pacies that have at the hospital as well. Some people don’t believe in pacifiers, but after the first 2 days with a crying baby, we were all over the paci 😉
  • Pampers swaddlers: We tried different brands, yes to save a buck or two, but especially in the first 3 months it is not worth it. With the cheap diapers we had leaks, and rashes in no time. With the pampers swaddlers you really get what you pay for!
  • Shirts with fold over sleeves: You won’t believe with what sort of dagger nails the little ones can come out, and when they go wailing like there is no tomorrow they throw their little hands around and scratch up their faces. At least for the first 1 month it was great to have those because the little mittens they have didn’t fit or didn’t hold.
  • Mylicon: It’s supposed to help with gas and digestion and that is one of the biggest challenges for the little ones at first. You can give it with a little spoon or the dropper it comes with. We liked to drip some on the pacifier.
  • Diaper rash cream: We we only needed when we used cheap diapers. Other than that we rarely use it.
  • Baby oil, baby lotion and some baby Q-tips: for baby’s day at the spa :)
  • Baby bath tub: it’s best to get one that has a hammock type holding contraption in the tub for the beginning, because you don’t what to hold a slippery baby and try to wash it. Make sure you don’t get the pull apart tub, because as you might figure, it eventually starts leaking.
  • Diaper genie: It’s were the diapers go – and soon you will have a long lantern string of poopie diapers…lol
  • Baby bjoern: For 2 reason, hands free baby carrying and EASY to put on by yourself which cannot be said for a lot of other slings and wraps.
  • Baby bouncer seat: We sure did get our miles on this baby, it is the best investment! It ended up being the poo-chair because both our girls had HUGE poos while hanging out in the chair. If you want to have more than one child get it in a neutral design because this one is a keeper you will use again and again.
  • Car seat and stroller: The Chicco Travel system is great for the city but if you want to go “off road” you will need a stroller with bigger wheels :)
  • Bassinet: Of course the baby could sleep in their crib already, but at the early ages they are all about boundaries and tightness and might feel lost in the “huge” crib
  • Tons of burp clothes/receiving blankets: Come the 2nd month both my girls started spitting up a lot…and with a lot I mean A LOT. So forget the things that are labled burp clothes, they are so tiny and hardly come close to covering the area that will be puked on…so cloth diapers or those receiving blankets are the best!
  • Rocking chair and ottoman: Best for nursing and being comfy. What ever chair you get make sure it has comfy arm rests!
  • Boppy type pillow and 2 cases: another essential, the boppy is great, but they have other bean bag type rolls that I really liked too.
  • Manual breast pump and storage containers for breast milk: there will be the day when your little one starts skipping a meal and your boobs will not be ready for it, while baby is still sound asleep you will be there pumping so your cement boobs don’t kill you. Also, with my second child I opted for a manual pump (cheaper than an electrical one) that does the same job without me feeling like a milk cow :)
  • Tylenol or another nursing safe pain killer (your Dr. has a list) for when your milk comes in, you might be in a lot of pain
  • 2-4 bottles (glass preferred) and bottle brush: Though you are breastfeeding, every now and then you might (have to) pump and let someone else do a feeding (hello date night) and it’s good to get baby used to a bottle for when you do want to switch to formula
  • Small pack of formula or ready made bottles of formula: you know just in case…
  • Lansinoh nursing pads: you might or might not need those pads, but I did need them (badly) and those are HANDS DOWN the best nursing pads there are. Again I tried going cheaper and came right back to these
  • Lansinoh lanolin cream: another life saver for the first 2 weeks when you think your nipples will actually fall off 😉
  • Nipple covers: thanks to those I was able to breastfeed beyond week one, it also helps with baby’s latch and just gives your raw skin a break
  • Costco wipes: I love those wipes and the price!
  • Large/night pads and nivea thick cream: I know you haven’t had your period for 9 months, but all of a sudden, right after birth you will be needing pads again…bummer I know! For the first week go with the cheap old school pads the hospital has and then switch to your Always or other brand. And because you will be wearing those 24/7 and haven’t for a while, you will need some cream for down under too 😉
  • 2 to 4 nursing bras: go about 1 or 2 cup sizes up and also up the inches, maybe get one for the beginning and then get more when you have your mom boobs
  • 3 nursing bra shirts for the night: I love the ones I got from motherhood maternity (http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=97635Z20361&MasterCategory_Id=MC29) they are comfy, have no wires or other bothersome things and are perfect for sleeping, you can also get those as a full tank top
  • Button down PJs: They are perfect for winter time when you can’t  just take your shirt off to feed because you’ll freeze your boobs off, they are “normal” clothes that still serve the purpose.
  • Button down blouses and cardigans: Again, it’s all about easy access for the baby. Very likely you (like me) will need a larger size, wait until your last trimester to see the size you will need.
  • Lots if comfy pant with stretchy waist band: it’s what I lived in the first 3 months, some people might have thought I only have hobo clothes to wear, which was somewhat true, because my maternity clothes wouldn’t fit anymore and my regular clothes not yet :(
  • Some baby spoons: for giving medication and vitamins, I have made VERY bad experiences with the droppers and like spoons a lot better even when they are only a day old
  • Maternity clothes and here is the important part underwear and bras too! This is what noone really tells you or you don’t think about. But maternity is not just your old size plus a baby bump, it is more than that, it is bigger EVERYTHING, so you’ll be loving those granny panties in the 3rd trimester, because they don’t cut into your flesh…ahhh…how nice!
  • Onesies: My advice, skip the newborn size and go straight to 0-3 months, also for the beginning it’s great to have some that do not need to be pulled over baby’s head, but button up front.
  • Sleeping outfits: For the beginning those layette things are great, that have the bottom open because their little legs will not be held by the pajama legs yet. Once they can wear “legs” get the PJs that are zip up, makes things very easy when you have a fussy baby at 4AM
  • Sleeping bag/wearable blanket: Huge here in Germany and the thing to have for everyone concerned about SIDS
  • Yoga ball: best 10 bucks ever spent, oh the hours we have spent bouncing on that ball getting out little ones to calm down or sleep. It’s pure magic (and really exhausting after 20 minutes)
  • Night lights: for when you stumble half asleep to feed your baby or change her diaper
  • colorful rattle: by 2 and half months you can start using visual and auditory stimuli as entertainment and distraction
  • diaper bag and changing pad: don’t be afraid to make it look like a purse, because it WILL BE YOUR PURSE for the first year or so :)
  • eventually you will need a high chair and other eating things like bibs and bowls and so forth, but when you get there, you’ll be out of the rough and can just go shopping :)

If you can, refrain from buying large swings, sitting-walking contraptions, they might use them once or twice and then you are stuck with this huge thing in your house.  I will make a list of worthwhile toys later on :)


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