Homemade Lemonade

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Getting to cross of an item from the recipe buckets list! The universe really wanted this to happen. First I got 10 lemons for 30 cents and then we had the first official day of summer (temperatures over 25ºC) in April. So this was meant to be :) I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the lemons and the sweetness of this recipe from allrecipes.com, so I will work on improvements of and keep you posted. Nevertheless, it was tasty and refreshing!


  • 1¾ cups sugar (ca. 400g)
  • 8 cups water (ca. 1,9l)
  • 1½ lemon juice (10 lemons, 375-400ml)

1. Squeeze them pretty lemons until you think your hand falls off – or you are cool (unlike me) and have a kitchen gadget that does that for you 😉

2. Get the seeds out of the mix, but leave the pulp and put it in the fridge (you can do that ahead of time).

3. In a small saucepan combine 1 cup of water (after squeezing my heart out with the lemons, I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance and used bottled French water) and sugar. Stir to dissolve and bring to a boil.

4. Let cool, cover and put into the fridge to cool some more (you can do that the day before).

5. Add water to pitcher (I had to use 2 pitchers and added 3 and half cups water each) and add the chilled sugar solution (again I added half to each pitcher) and the lemon juice.

6. Stir with wooden spoon. Add ice cubes to your glass and serve.

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