Homemade Strawberry Jam

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My friend Karen inspired me to take the family strawberry picking on one of the local fields. And what better to make with lots of fresh fruit that won’t keep (after you ate so much of it your  belly hurts), than homemade marmalade or jam. Mia, her Oma and Mike were the primary strawberry pickers, as my 38 week belly sort of gets in the way of most every motion :) We ended up with 2.7 kg of fresh strawberries.

Here is what you need for the marmalade.


  • 1 kg fresh strawberries (980g with green already removed and washed) (ca. 2 lbs)
  • 1 kg preserving (gelling) sugar (ca. 2 lbs)
  • 6-8 preserving glasses at 230g each (clean out with HOT water)

1. Add the strawberries to a large pot and pour the preserving sugar over it.

2. Stir it all together and let the mix come to a rolling boil on high heat. Depending on how large of fruit chunks you want in your marmalade you can mash them up just a wee bit more.

3. Once you reach the rolling bubbly boiling point, let the mix boil for exactly 4 minutes.

4. Then ladle your mix into the prepared preserving jars. Caution, this will get hot, so remember to set them down before you burn your fingers 😉

5. Clean the rims, especially the top rim where the lid will touch it with a wet cloth. We want to make sure we get the best seal possible. Tighten the lids as hard as you can.

6. Let cool, lable with date and content and store away in a dark cool place (pantry, basement). Store open containers in fridge.

The first jar was opened this morning, and was EXCELLENT.

These make great gifts too (just in case you don’t need 8 jars of strawberry marmalade for yourself 😉 )

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  1. Welcome girls! Jenn, it really is easy, just make sure you also read the instruction on your gelling sugar. Mine was a 1:1 ration (fruit:sugar) but some are 1:2 :)
    Erna, I keep forgetting that your seasons are off “down under” :) I’ll be posting some nice hot chocolate recipes when It’s a million degrees on your end…LOL

  2. I agree with Jenn! Awesome job on the recipes Dani! Hope I can still get strawberries here with it being almost winter… :(

  3. this post makes me want to run out right away and buy everything to make jam at home!
    in fact i think we just may do that :)
    i always thought that making jam and preserves would be to difficult and would have to many steps involved but you make it look easy!
    thank you again!

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