Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Please note that the Silent Ranks Productions Team puts a lot of effort and time into creating these designs.
Every item you see is made from scratch! By saving/downloading/purchasing any of the digital files provided in the Silent Ranks Productions’ graphics section, you agree to the following terms of use :
~ I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time
~ All graphics provided are intellectual property of and copyrighted to Daniela Gudith (aka Glitter Frosting) and Wileen Gilmore (LKD), saving, downloading or purchasing them does not transfer the copyright!


~ Use the tags, snags and icons to decorate your personal page with or print them for your personal scrap booking projects. Use our supplies to make your own noncommercial tags, tutorials, web sets, stationeries, snags and so on giving proper credit (see below)!
~ You may create graphics for others using my supplies.


~The graphics provided may not be used for commercial purposes/financial gain i.e. designs for Cafepress shops, layouts or tags for sale and so on, they are for personal use only!
~The graphics provided may not be used for defamatory, obscene or any immoral purposes that are prohibited by the law.
~Do not rename the files provided or claim them as your own!


~Unless we provide the codes, no file in the GRAPHICS section(s) may be hot linked to, as that is considered bandwidth theft! Upload them to your image host!
~Do not alter the snags or icons by integrating them into a wall paper, adding your name or the like (We do offer customizing, take advantage of it).


~Do not use my supplies without giving proper credit, this can be done in one of two ways:
– add “Supplied by Glitter Frosting” or “SBGF” to your digital work
– or link back to http://www.silentranksproductions.com
~Do not upload any supply files to websites or file sharing system without my written permission!
~Do not share any files in online groups i.e. yahoo groups! (Anyone who is interested can be lead to Silent Ranks Productions)
~Do not use the supplies provided to make your own supplies you off to others as made by you!