Icon Animation Tutorial

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Ok, many of you want to know how to make animated icons. So this post will give you a basic understanding of animations. You must know how to use the PhotoShop animation window or Animation Shop, Layers, and the basic icon concept to follow this tutorial.

Let’s start with my favorite, the simple 2 frame animation.

1. Beating Heart

In your basic icon, add one layer with a heart in the center, that is your first frame:

Duplicate the heart layer and make the copied heart smaller, placing it exactly over the big heart. Then hide the big heart layer and that is your second frame!

Now with the beat I like to use a slower speed per frame (like 0.3 second in photo shop or 30 per 100 in Animation Shop).

2. The Wiggle

In your first frame have a heart that you rotated slightly to the left (25 degrees or so):

In your second frame mirror that heart (flip it horizontally).

And there you go!

Now, let’s get more sophisticated.

3. The Rotation

This is a 5 frame animation, and similar to the wiggle, you rotate the heart by 60 degrees per frame (or layer). So have your element (heart or star) and then duplicate the layer and rotate the element by 60 degrees, then duplicate that layer and rotate the element again by 60 degrees and so on.

Here are the 5 frames in order:


4. Shine

Let’s prep the shine. Make a new layer. With the brush tool (using a soft brush 50%) draw a white line that covers the whole heart like so:

Now, blur that line with a gaussian blur, like so:

Move the line to the edge of the heart:

Duplicate your line layer and move it slightly over like so:

Repeat this step until you have covered the whole heart, I have 6 lines on 6 layers!

Go back to the heart layer and select the outside of it:

Then go back to each line layer and delete everything that is not covering the heart:

Now, make the frames by hiding all but the first line layer and make it your first frame, then hide the first line and unhide the second one and so on. Here are all the frames:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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  1. Christine says:

    woooow that was awesome
    Im sooo fascinated by your shine tutorial!
    fantastic work hoN!!!

  2. Don’t delete the layers, just hide (the eye icon in the layer overview) the lines you don’t need for that frame 😉

  3. so i’m trying the last one and when i delete the layers it deletes the … lines too. ahh i’m sorry :(

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I love your tutorials, I’ll definitely be trying some of these!! <3

  5. Great idea Miss Wyz :) I will add a thread for that!

    And Ladies, you are very welcome!

  6. that was super awesome hun! =) we should make up board where people can post stuff that they made using the tutorials. 😉

  7. LOL, yeah, I am kind of on a roll :) and what better thing to do than play with graphics when you are snowed in 😉

  8. wow your fast. ima try to attempt these this weekend cuz i might be snowed in

  9. Amanda Raye says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am going to try this one!

  10. preggomama says:

    thanks for posting im gonna give it a try tonight.

  11. Again cant say it enough thank you for the tuts =0)

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