Blinkie Tutorial

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How to build a blinkie box in photoshop:

(in my screenshots its black but i listed the

colors i used)

First off you will need this little tiny square brush (yes it is just a little black square)
<<------tiny brush Step one: Open a 13×13 canvas

Step two: goto view (in photoshop) and hit fit to screen
Step three: get out the pencil tool by right clicking on your brush tool:

Step four: Draw your out lines (I am using 898989):

Step five: Now that you have your basic outline select a lighter color (I am using acacac) and fill in the inside of your outline:

**optional name this layout box**

Step six:
open a new layer and call this frame 1

Step seven: switch your color to white, and add a few dots:

Step eight: add another new layer and call it frame 2 and do the same thing

you did in step 6 but shift the blocks a little like this (kinda like filling in the grey between the white):

now for animation:

Step 1: open up your animation and have only the box and frame one showing, set it at 0.2 sec.
Step 2: add a new animation frame and have only the box and frame two showing and set it at the same speed this is what you should have:

For coloring this block:

Step one get out your magic wand and click in the blank spots in the corner of your block then hit inverse selection or shift+ctrl+I:

Step two: add a new layer right above your box layer and fill it

with the color of your choice (I used 793af6) and hit deselect or shift+D this is what you should have:

Step three: on the layer with your color change the setting to overlay and then there you have a colored box!

finished product:

Please feel to ask me questions and I will try to answer them the best I can :)

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