Pinwheel Animation

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Please comment when using, I would love to see your results, just post them in a comment to the blog 😉

Today I will be showing how I do my pinwheel icons but this can work for anything you do (note: this is just the way I do it and if you have another way thats easier for you then just ignore me lol)

Supplies needed for icons
1. pinwheel brush

Credit: unknown source

2. Texture (by me do not snag unless you intend on giving proper credit!)

Step 1: I always go ahead and put everything I want on the icon first, text, picture, hearts whatever. Today I will start with just a B to make this simple 😉 Font I used is 2peas fragile

Step 2: I always start a new canvas for my pinwheel so I can size it down and it doesn't get cut off on the icon. So open a new canvas mine is 500×500.

Step 3: On your new canvas take out your brush and size it just a little bit smaller than your canvas size, and set the color to white :)
<div><strong> </strong></div>
<div><strong>Step 4:</strong> Now duplicate your pinwheel image by right clicking on its layer and selecting duplicate:</div>
<div><img src=
Step 4: Now duplicate your pinwheel image by right clicking on its layer and selecting duplicate:

Step 5: Duplicate your pinwheel agian, now you should have 3 layers (you can do 4 but for now on the tutorial I will stick to 3)

Step 6:
now click on the second (middle layer) pinwheel layer and goto free transform and rotate it slightly

Step 7: repeat step 6 but with your third pinwheel layer

Step 8: Click on your first pinwheel layer and hold down the Ctrl button and select your second and third layers while holding down the ctrl button. Now all the pinwheel layer should be selected:

Step 9: now take your little arrow tool

now with all the layers selected, drag them over to your icon

Step 10: now that the pinwheels are on your icon, with them still selected, position them where you want them online pharmacy and set all 3 layers to an opacity of 50

(or whatever you prefer, I used 50)

Step 11: now for animation, goto your animation window and hide the second and third pinwheel layers

Step 12: add a new animation frame and hide the first pinwheel layer and the third (only the second should be showing)

Step 13: add a third animation layer and hide the second and first pinwheel layers so that only the third one is showing

Step 14: now set your animation speed, mine is set at 0.2 seconds



Note: all my pinwheel layers are under the B!

Have fun ladies!!

pixel edited by me, blinkie by me 😉

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  1. i cant see the images anymore to do this one

  2. The images don’t work here anymore. IDK if its just my computer or what.

  3. Super cute molly!

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  5. I did it with PSPx3 :)

  6. Shell, I changed your link to the html code, and OMG these look AMAZING!!!

  7. Yes, I’ll try it again lol



  8. Yes there is :)

  9. OK I’m confused is there a step 4 5 or 6???

  10. I love it I will have to try it Thank you so much!!

  11. Did you enter the image code? I just tried it and the bg shows :)

  12. Photobucket

  13. hhmm my icons didn’t show up, not sure why :/

  14. Here’s a couple that I’ve done so far. I’m still practicing LOL, thanks again for this tutorial! :)

  15. hey luv, great tutorial! i’ll have to give it a shot and see what i come up with. now, i’m not sure if it’s just my browser but are steps 4, 5 & 6 missing? i see step 3, an image and than step 7.

    help! 😛 thanks!!

  16. Awesome tutorial!! I always wondered how this was done! Now I can try it for myself!! Thank you!! 😀