Color Blends

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Written by Wy (Designs by LK on April 19, 2009) in PSP X2 Ultimate.

I know this can be done in Photoshop but for those of us who don't have it or

aren't that familiar with it, this tutorial is pretty easy and straight forward

in Paintshop Pro.

You have to have some working knowledge of PSP.

Now start with any greyscale image with a textured background.

Just add whatever you want to it; text, images, etc.

HOWEVER, it must be greyscale.

For whatever you add onto the working canvas, the lighter the opacity, the better.
For my font, I used the color: #e0e0e0.

Now if you added text, add a bevel or a drop shadow.

It makes

the text “pop” better.

So now over on your layer

palette, add a new raster layer on top of all the other layers.

Make sure the BLEND MODE

is set to OVERLAY.

Now select your BRUSH tool on your toolbar and give it these settings:

Select any color you want and brush it where ever you want it on the canvas.

I'm just placing it in the middle.

OPTIONAL STEP: You can use the GUASSIAN BLUR to further blur out the brush if you choose.

And you should have something like below! Easy Peasy! lol

Experiment with it and see what you come up with. 😛

Happy Designing!

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