Easy Watermark

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Written by Dani (Glitter Frosting on May 18, 2007) for PSP 8 and higher.

1. Open a new canvas 200×200 px at 72 dpig!

2. Select the text tool and have it set to “floating”!

3. Pick a readable font and write your text!

4. Promote the selection of the writing to a new layer!

5. Select the erasor too and delete your writing!

6. Now lets drop a shadow, so we can see what we wrote!

7. Apply the following settings!

And there you have it! Add your watermark as a new layer to all your tags!



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  1. Dani you are the best. I needed a tut to help me remember the watermark and sure enough I found your site and you have this amazing simple tut. Thanks so much.

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