Filled Glass Charms

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Written by Dani (Glitter Frosting on September 11, 2009) in PSP X2.

There a many ways to make those, this is one and it works without plugins!

(This tutorial works best when you already are familiar with PSP!)

0. We will be working with layers a lot and will be jumping back and forth between them. Here is an overview of all the ones we will create:

1. Getting Started. First copy and paste the metal pattern into your opened PSP.

Then open a new canvas (72 dpi, 5in x 5in, transparent background).

Let’s create a new layer for the background (Layers –> New Raster layer),

flood fill that layer with a dark color and in the layer palette on the side drag it under your transparent layer:

2. Select your Preset Shape Tool and chose a basic shape like a circle or like I chose a hexagon.

Use the settings below and set your background color to transparent and chose a pattern fill for the foreground color.

Select the Metal Pattern that we opened earlier.

3. Draw your shape and see how you have a thick outline and nothing inside.

Go to Layers –> Convert to raster layer

4. Let’s add some dimension. Go to Effects –> 3D Effects –> Bevel and use the settings below:

5. Now, with your magic wand select the inside of the shape.

Go to Selection –> Promote Selection to Layer and see how a new layer is added.

Go to Selection –> Modify –> Expand and set the px to 4.

5. Flood fill the selection with a gray shade and then

drag the new shape layer under your metal frame (in the layer palette).

6. Time to add some glass to the new shape we just made.

Go to Effects –> 3D Effects –> Cutout and use these settings:

7. OK, doesn’t look like glass yet. So let’s just make that layer invisible (eye in layer palette) for now and lets move on.

There is a layer that in still naked (the one we initially created), let’s go to that layer.

8. Chose your Picture Tube Tool and select the tube you want to fill your element with.

Make sure the elements are small and the selection mode is set to random.

I chose the berries that come with PSPX2.

Start going back and forth and fill the area, don’t worry about the edges yet!

9. Clean up on aisle 4, ok, back to the glass layer.

With your magic wand select the outside of the glass. Just click next to the shape and that will do.

Go back to the fruit layer and hit delete, that will get rid of excess berries!

10. Time to work on our glass some more. Set the opacity to 57% and chose Overlay as the blending mode

(just unfold the area that says “normal” in your layers palette and chose the overlay option.)

11. Now, lets duplicate the glass layer (be on the glass layer and go to Layer –> Duplicate)

Drag that baby under the fruit layer and reduce the opacity some more to about 38%.

That will give us a nice glass – berry – glass sandwich!

10. Already getting excited, well we aren’t done yet with the glass.

Create a new transparent layer on top of your up most glass layer.

Chose the Brush tool and with these settings:

draw some light accents, try to keep the hand steady, and put the accents parallel to the frame.

As you can see my 2 espresso shots this morning didn’t serve my hand well, I am a bit shaky…

Anyways, since it is all shaken up, let’s shake it up some more.

Go to Adjust –> Blur –> Gaussian Blur and set it to Radius 9

11. Nice, now I added some drop shadow (twice with the settings 0 – 0 – 100 – 3) to the metal frame layer.

And there you have it.

Tip: If you have Eyecandy use the chrome effect for the frame and the glass effect for the glass…

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  1. Christine says:

    wooooow that is reeallly cool!!
    awesome job!
    thank you for sharing!

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