Glossy Reflection Text

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Glossy Reflection Text

Glossy Reflection Text Tutorial for PSP

by Glitter Frosting (written 06/01/09)

Alright, there are many ways to do this effect, this is mine and I will share it with you! This is what we will be making!

Ok, let’s start.

1. Open a new canvas 400 x 350 with transparent background!

2. Using your type tool write some text (use a font that has only uppercase letters for best results). Make sure you create the text as a vector.

3. Let’s add some depth by adding a bevel. Effects –> 3D Effects –> Inner Bevel with these settings:

4. Goodie, lets duplicate the layer (Layer –> Duplicate). Call the original text layer “Text” and the duplicate layer “Reflection”.

5. On the reflection layer, flip the text (Image –> Flip) and with your Pick Tool (little arrow) selected move the text up under the original text by pushing the up arrow button on your key board (this way the text stays aligned with the original).

6. Now, set your background color to white and with the shape tool set to “elipse” make a flat round shape like you can see below:

gloassy text

Under Layers convert the shape to a raster layer (Layers –> Convert to Raster Layer).

7. Go back to the text layer. Select –> Select All then Select –> Float then Select –>Invert. Go back to your white layer and hit delete.

8. That will leave only the partial letters in white. Reduce the layer opacity to 22, play around with the number if you like!

9. Now, back to the reflection layer, reduce that opacity to around 22 also. With your eraser set to around 120 in size a 50 in hardness, graze along the edges and delete some!

10. Then fill the bottom (background) layer with black:

10. You can also fill it with white and add a drop shadow to your text using these settings:

Then it will look like this!

11. Congratulate yourself! You did it. Now play around with different fonts, backgrounds and settings and see what you can come up with!

I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial!


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