How to Make a Diamond

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tutorial written by wy on PSPX2.

so we'll be making a diamond from scratch.
once you get the idea of how to use the pen tool, you can specify it to your preferences.
first, save this image to use as your template.

open it in psp.
open a new raster image, 600px by 600px.
fill the layer with this color: #efefef.
duplicate it and fill the layer with: #6baaed.

now copy the diamond template image and paste it above the other 2 layers.
select the Dodecagon shape from your preset shapes.
color it something other than black, white so you can see the lines we'll be making.
use these settings for your preset shapes toolbar:

drag it across the top the your template layer so it matches the width of the Dodecagon.
convert to raster.

now for your pen tool.
use these settings:

hide your background color.
it's set to “point-to-point” so just make lines to match the template below.
don't worry if the lines are exactly straight, we'll fix that.

now on the toolbar to your left on the preset shapes flyout menu, select symmetrical shape.
on your working canvas, right click and select edit mode.
the node should show up if they

haven't already.

now we're going to clean up the vector layer so the lines are better.
zoom in so you can see the nodes closer, I'm zoomed in at 2500%.
in the example below, you can see they aren't “fixed”.

position the nodes so they closer together but do not “join” them or the background color will show up.
what we are trying to achieve is the pixels are close enough together to close out certain areas that we'll use later.
you can see where I've placed mine in the image below:

go through all the other nodes and place them close together.
once you are through, your vector layer should look something like below:

now convert it to a raster layer and merge with the Dodecagon layer.
using your magic wand tool, select areas inside the merged layer but do not select ones close to each other.
you can see where I've selected mine in the image below:

I switched the background color to better show the selection.
now expand your selection by

add a new raster layer below the merged layer.

select your paintbrush and use these settings:

set your foreground color as: #ffffff
set your background color as: #6baaed
on your new raster layer, paint in the selected areas.
a majority of it will be white with bits of the blue.
you can see how I colored mine below:

do not deselect.
now, go to blur > motion blur and use these settings:

the strength is set for large areas so as you get down to the small areas, bring it down.
you should now have something that looks like this:

deselect and go through the steps again for the rest of the sections.
always remember not to choose ones next to

each other because you'll color them together.

once you get to do all the sections, add a raster layer above the merged layer (Dodecagon & pen merged layer).
fill it with #ffffff. on your merged layer, select all > float > defloat > invert.
hide your merged layer, hit delete on the fill layer above.
select none.

move your grey layer (#efefef) under the the paint brushed layers.
use your magic wand tool and select the area around the merged layer (Dodecagon & pen merge layer).
expand by 1, invert and hit delete on the grey layer. select none.
hide your bottom blue layer and  you're done.
you should now have something that looks like this:

I really hope this was easy for everyone!
thanks for trying my tutorial! =)
I'd love to see any made from this tutorial!

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