How to Make Digital Camoflage in PSP

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Written by Dani (Glitter Frosting) on March 7, 2008 in PSP XI

By popular demand, I will share with you an easy way to make digital camoflage. You’ll be surprised how simple it is :)

Something like this is what we’re making.

You will need:

– Paint Shop Pro

– Some patience

– Lots of creativity

So, let’s get it on. Open a new image:

Chose your brush tool and use these settings:

Shape: Square

Size: 24

Hardness: 100

Step: 32

Now, that is a nice square block. Lets start patterning:

This will be my first digi camo element. Copy and paste that element as a new image.

Now, let’s export that element and add it to our brushes, so we can use it whenever we want:

Name your brush:

Perfect, moving on. Repeat what we just did and create 2 more brush tips that look a little different than the one we already made. Try adjusting the size of the “square” you paint with to get different results.

You can close everything when you are done, because we have the brushes all exported (trust me you will see them again soon!)

Lets make a new image with the same measurement we started out with and flood will that with a color you like to appear in your camo.

Got it? Ok, now lets add a new layer so we can keep the different colors we are using separate:

Chose the brush tool again, set the foreground color to the second color you like to have in the camo and then open the tiny arrow to select our first digi camo brush (1):

Now, start clicking away with the brush on the new layer we just made:

Play with the size and the rotation (90 degrees) to get what you want!

Add another new raster layer and chose your third color and the second brush tip we made, go crazy with it:

Looking more and more real! Ok, repeat that last step and add the last color:

Of course, mine had to be pink…haha. You can change the order of the layers and see what looks best. Once you are done merge all layers. I dragged my pink layer under the dark green.

Now, because we will most likely use it for filling out objects or as a background, we want to tile it to make the transition smooth:

These are the settings I used, feel free to play around with those:

Congrats, you are done! Save that camo baby and give a name that makes sense to you!

Before tiling you can also add some texture (Effects –> Texture Effects –> Texture), then tile it. And you can colorize it to your needs. You can also start over and make a brand new one.

Hope this fun and helpful!



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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have photoshop, but I have the digital brushes, and tried it your way, and it worked out really well. Took me a while to do, and got frustrating ha, but I did it! Your awesome, and thank you so much for posting tutorials, they really mean a lot to me. :)
    <3 Breanna

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