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Super Duper 100px x100px Icon Tutorial

(including supplies!!!)

written by Glitter Frosting for Silent Ranks Productions on 06/05/09

When making icons using our offered supplies, please link back to our site in your credits! Thanks!

This is what we will be making!

1. Ok, lets get started. First thing is to download all the supplies. The icon template HERE and the sparkle pack HERE. This is just a template and you can create your own by using what you will learn in this lesson! If you are using photoshop or have trouble opening the .pspimage file try THIS one, which is .psd file!

2. Open the sparkle file in PSP and see how there are many different light thingies in there, all on their own layer. If you want to you can export them to you tubes or brushes. Select the layer with the sparkle you want, copy and paste as new image and then go to FILE –> EXPORT –> Custom Brush (or Picture tube). Give it a name and click OK. It will now show up in your brushes or tubes. If you want to skip that step you can just copy the sparkle you want and then paste as a NEW LAYER in your icon file (I have already included several sparkles in the template).

3. Open the icon template file and lets look at what we have in here starting with the frame and ending at the background.

4. Make all Layers invisible by clicking on the eyeball in your layer palette (the thing you see above).

5. Lets start from top to bottom. Make the frame show, here you can see the black frame (uncheck the eyeball). Which is basically a bunch for 1×1 pixels lining the outside.

6. Make layer “Gradient 2” visible and set the blend mode to “Multiply” and the opacity to 75%, also make layer “Gradient 1 visible and set the blend mode to “soft light”.

I also unchecked the layer called “Watermark” you can put your own watermark here. This is what we will have so far:

So play around, make you own gradients, play with the blend modes and so on!

7. Now, I changed the frame back to using the white one and made the black one invisible again. I also made all sparkle elements in the template visible. And this is what we have by now:

8. Good. On to some text. You can see what text I used. I used a gray color, a bevel effect (Effects –>3D Effects –> Inner Bevel) and a drop shadow (Effects –>3D Effects –>drop shadow). So play around with that.

9. OK, a quick word about fonts and icons, the best type of fonts to use for the majority of your text is called pixel fonts or bitmap fonts and you can find tons right HERE! When working with these fonts you have to use a very small size for them to show properly (somewhere between 8 and 10 pt). Once your text tool (A) is selected, make sure that you have the “Anti-Alias” set to “none” this way the mini font won’t show up blurry. This is what we have so far:

10. Now make the layer called “BG Symbol” visible, you can add your own by adding other brushes you have. This is just to give you the idea. I also unchecked the layer called “BG with texture”, moved the text around abit and we are now looking at this:

icon tut icon

Play around with that also, use different background textures and colors and see how that effects your icon!

I hope you enjoyed this easy tut and will be creating lots of cute icons. We will learn how to add animation to it in the next lesson (coming soon!)

Remember, a link back to this tut and or Silent Ranks Productions is always appreciated!



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