Text on a Curve

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Written by Wy (Designs by LK on March 28, 2009) in PSP X2 Ultimate.

I know this can be done in Photoshop but for those of us who don't have it
or aren't that familiar with it,

this tutorial is pretty easy and straight
forward in Paintshop Pro.

You have to have some working knowledge of PSP.

First open up a new image: 750px by 300px, raster layer, transparent background.

On your side toolbar, select your PEN tool and apply these settings.

Click on the left side of your canvas and on the opposite side of the canvas to
create a straight line.

On your side toolbar, select your SYMMETRIC SHAPE TOOL and

your pointer over the line you just created.

Right click on the line and you'll
bring up a menu, click EDIT MODE.

Now hover your pointer over the straight line again about a quarter of the way,

holding down the CTRL button, click on the vector line.

You've created another node.

now, right click on the node to pull up another menu and go down to NODE TYPE >


You'll see it on your canvas that the line is now curved.

Now do the previous step on the last quarter part of the line.

Pull the toggle so you have the curve shaped

the way you want it.

Now add whatever text you want and you should have something like this:

*If you have a filler color that makes the curved line look solid, don't mind it for now.

take it off in the next step.

Over on your layer palette, click on the “Plus” sign on the vector layer to bring down

everything in that layer. Hide the vector shape, leaving only the text.

Click the “Minus” sign to close the vector layers.

Look at your text, you may have a little line that is visible through your text where the line
was at,

just click on your text tool and click on the text again.

You'll see the little line
disappear. Don't change the text if you don't want to, just click cancel.

Now right click on the vector layer and CONVERT TO RASTER LAYER.

You should have something that looks like below.

Hopefully the steps were easy to follow.
Thanks for trying my tutorial and Happy Designing!!

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