Tutorial Requests

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I see a in the poll that most people want to see more tutorials, please let us know what you want to learn!


Icon Animations

Icon Pinwheel Animation

Icon Photo Animations

Inner Glow and Bevel Text Effect

Blinkie Tutorial

Dog Tag Tutorial for PhotoShop

Beveled Text in PhotoShop

Move a Sparkle

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  1. I would like to know how to make a icon photo :)

  2. i want to learn how to use the animation in photoshop :)

  3. i would love to learn how to post graphics and stuff on my facebook page!!!

  4. jessica says:

    would like to see a tut on how to make your own frames plz and thanks so muchhhhhhh

  5. Sure hun, I don’t do it in image ready but in photoshop itself :)

  6. Hey hun,
    Do you think you could a tutorial for ImageReady? I’ve been trying to experiment with the tweening on how to take 3 frames and animate the background. Ex, a banner with hearts in the background that move in different places all over. I’m so lost with it it’s not even funny lol. I would really appreciate it. Just to be sure on what I’m trying to explain, here’s an example… http://icecreamkisses.net/Customs/Icons/ST-AK-Premade-0001.gif how the hearts are moving in the bg. i have all 3 frames made, i just dont know how to get it fade like that.

  7. I use paint shop pro x2 and animation shop. I hope I can still do it! Thanks a bunch! xoxo.

  8. Keri, do you use Photoshop?

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to make the “sparkle outlining something” It’s used on this icon you made [090601 – I Married a Hero] I have been looking everywhere and would really appreciate it if you could share how you do it. Thanks! xoxo. Keri

  10. Sure Emily, I’ll add it to the list and make an announcement when it’s up :)

  11. Emily M. Again I found a better pic of the text tutorial im looking for http://camolove.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/GF_082409_BranchWife_serina.png

    u have amazing stuff!!!

    <3 Emily.

  12. Ok When you go to the uploader page http://camolove.com/picpalace/index.php at the top right of the page it says “Navy” I wanna know how to make my letters look like that is photoshop cs3 or cs4

    that would be awesome! thanks sooo much 😀

    <3 Emily M.

  13. Sure hun :)

  14. Do you think maybe you chould do a tutorial on how to make dogtags in photoshop? It is so hard to find one for photoshop. PLEASE.

  15. Could you possibly do a tutorial on the small pinwheel animation?

  16. thankyou SO much!

  17. The flower is called Plumeria and you can find brushes for PhotoShop HERE:

  18. how do i get flowers like in this pic http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv296/Snazzyss/TiarasEX/Banners/InfoBanner.png i see graphics with them all the time but never find any brushes close to it

  19. another one i’ve dont understand is from pspx2 to animation shop 3. um… something similar to this
    http://i48.tinypic.com/rmjkvr.jpg where the photo changes. alsooooo animation help because sometimes it comes out to polarized i change it to the color and mess with it and it never works sometimes ;( or has a background if i have a drop shadow thanks ladies for your time

  20. Hi Amanda, we will add more icon background animation tuts soon. The Spinning pin wheel is based on the same effect as the spinning heart tut (http://camolove.com/blog/tutorials/icon-animation-tutorial/).
    Thanks for your input!

  21. for animated icons, the spinning pinwheel effect or how to animated backgrounds in icons like your deployment icons, the pink ones in the middle. you cant find tutorials on those anywhere.

  22. Coming up :)

  23. animated icons. like different ways to make them. 😀

  24. Thanks hun, blinkies are good one :) They are a lot of work too :)

  25. blinkies
    1.0 lays
    hmm cant think of anything else at the moment.

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