Army Layouts

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Click on the images for live preview and code! These codes will only work in the CSS section of MySpace 2.0 profiles!

Only for the Truest Hearts – Wife

Only for the Truest Hearts – Fiancee

Only for the Truest Hearts – Girlfriend

I Love My Soldier Penguin Style – Mates for Life

I love My Soldier 2.0 MySpace Layout

The True Soldier

The True Soldier Quote

U.S. Army Girlfriend – The best Job in the U.S. Military

Army Girlfriend

U.S. Army Fiancee – He liked it and he put a ring on it

Army Finacee

U.S. Army Wife – He liked it and he put a ring on it

Army Wife

My Soldier gives me butterflies

My Soldier is one Badass Ride

Married to the Army

Loving the Army Life

Soldier’s Princess – My Knight Wears Shiny Dog Tags

United States Army Brat

Proud to be an Army Family

Home is Where the Army sends us

Soldier’s Sweetheart

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  1. nevermind i snagged the first layout thanks

  2. snagged the a true soldier layout thanks so much

  3. snagged the army wife one thanks

  4. Ashtian says:

    Finally found 2.0 layouts with army girlfriend. thank you!

  5. Jerilyn says:

    Awesome Job!! I snagged the Soldier’s Princess one.. Thank You!!

  6. Love the US Army Wife/Ring one!!! Snagging! Great job!

  7. tiffany says:

    snagged the last layout, thanks

  8. love it good job

  9. Hey you have some really awesome layouts!!! I’m snagging the soldier penguin one it just is tooo cute not too..will be back when i want to change my layout..thanks soooo much!!! I love your layouts there sooo great!!!


  11. I love these. I snagged the Married to the Army one. Thank You.

  12. Jennifer Smith says:

    I snagged the Army Family one and will prob be back to switch around. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! Thank you

  13. I just wanted to say that I love the Soldier’s Princess one. I love layouts like that!

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