Blog Layouts

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* go to your blog "Manage Blog"
* click on "Customize Blog"
* delete any html you have in there, including codes for background image
* under page header select "Your own header HTML"
* paste the complete code in there
* and save :)

Thoughts Gone Wild

Click Here for a Full Preview

Thoughts Uncensored

Click Here for a Full Preview

Click Here for Full Preview


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  1. thank you 😉 snagged the first one!

  2. Hun, I will make more like these here for Blogger also, keep and eye out for those!

  3. wickedstangschick says:

    I was so hyped up about the blogger lays, I didn’t realize this was for regular Myspace blogs….LOL!!!

  4. wickedstangschick says:

    Thank you so much for doing Blogger lays!
    Snagging Thoughts Gone Wild, so pretty!

  5. snagged the thoughts uncensored. super cute thanks so much!!

  6. Snagging thoughts gone wild. Thank you so much! ~Sara E.

  7. This is amazing so im snagging the thoughts uncensored one!

  8. snagged the navy girl blog love it tyvm

  9. Christine, the codes are up to date now and will work. Sorry hun, it transformed my codes a little :)

  10. Christine says:

    i dont think this works….i tried it the way you said and it just posted the entire link as the header…..

  11. Christine says:

    these are aweesoooome i snagged the marine girl’s blog one!! thank u sooo much!!!! soo talented!

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