How to add Graphics to your Facebook Profile

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It seems Facebook is where everyone is hanging out these days, yet there is only little we can do to make our profile look pretty.
But the little thing we can do, we should do 😉 There are too many graphics that need to be “flashed” 😉

Let’s get started. We will be adding an image (more many images) to the sidebar of our profile. This tutorial was written on June 21, 2010. As Facebook changes so might the process of adding pictures.

1. Click the HOME tab from the right upper corner of your facebook page and make sure you are logged in 😉

2. Go to “Profile HTML” which is the application we will use!

3. Click the “Go to Application” button

4. Click the “Allow” button

5. You will then see this page:

6. Go to’s facebook side bar graphic section to get an image code to put in, or just get your image code from uploading any image host like (note photobucket seems not to work for this!!!)

7. Paste the code into the html section under “Profile Tab” and “Profile Box” and hit save:

8. On the right hand top, click “Account” and then select “Application Settings” and click on “Edit Settings” next to the Profile HTML app:

9. In the profile tab click (add) next to “Box:”
hit “okay”

10. Go to your Profile and select the boxes tab:
and click on the little pencil and select “Move to Wall”

11. Done, now your profile will show your image in the side bar:

Have fun with this!

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